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Call For Conference Papers For The 2016 IRCRA Congress 

All IRCRA members and non-members are invited to submit evidence-based, conference paper for presentation as 10-15 minute verbal/oral Free Communication/Slide presentations in English.

The due date for early abstract submission is February, 15 2016. Conference papers submitted early will be reviewed within a week and eligible for priority acceptance, which allows for feedback from the review committee and possible resubmission. 

The deadline for final abstract submissions is May 2, 2016.

Please contact Dr. Nick Draper at with abstract submission questions.

Conference Paper Submission Instructions

The abstract must be informative, and include the specific subheadings of INTRODUCTION, PURPOSE, METHODS, RESULTS, and DISCUSSION in uppercase and within the body of the conference paper. Note, write a conference paper, no longer than 2 pages in A5 format (including references; see example and template below). Notably, all conference papers and verbal presentations will be in English.

If multiple conference papers are being submitted from the same study, each must have a unique title and purpose, and must include specific information in the methods, results, and conclusion that are directly related to the purpose. Separate conference papers may NOT use the exact same purpose and methods, etc. Using identical wording in separate papers is considered plagiarism and will result in the paper being rejected.


Conference papers MUST include data to substantiate the findings/conclusions being drawn. The lack of inclusion of data will result in the abstract being rejected. Note, case studies of single individuals are acceptable. Also, review type, informative studies that add to the niche and/or discussion of rock climbing and performance will be considered.


Sample Research Conference Paper Format Outline

Title                    13.5 pt font

Author(s)             10 pt font

Affiliation(s)        10 pt font

Summary            10 pt font for all main text




RESULTS             (may include tables and/or figures)


REFERENCES       8 pt font  with References numbered in order of citation


A Microsoft word template for the above format may be download here.

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