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Vanesa España Romero

Vanesa finished her PhD at the University of Granada (Spain) and completed her post Doc in Finland, Sweden, United States and UK. As a climber for over 20 years and a Professor at the University of Cadiz (Spain), She has been researching and teaching specifically in rock climbing for years. All of her research varying aspects of Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training, Fitness, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Last climbing project performed was named “Climbing High Performance International Project 


Ludovic Seifert

Vice President

Ludovic Seifert is Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences at University of Rouen Normandy in France. He conducts his research in the field of Motor Learning and Motor Control following Ecological Dynamics framework ( His main research topics relate to expertise in sport, movement variability, skill transfer and dynamics of learning. He is the vice dean of the CETAPS lab at the University of Rouen Normandy and awarded as senior member of the French University Institute (IUF) in 2021. He works closely with professional clubs and several sport federations. Finally, he is Mountain Guide certified by IFMGA.


Taylor Reed

Taylor directs a performance climbing training center where he teaches coaches, youth athletes, and elite athletes. His primary research interest is on the relationship of science and practice and how science and technology can improve performance.  In his former life, he was a strategist working in the field of disasters, specializing in the relationship between disaster policy and science.  Taylor has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Denver, where he spent his graduate work focused on political psychology; He lives in the state of Virginia where he trains athletes and works on his website:

Xavier Sánchez

Xavier Sanchez, originally from Barcelona, is currently Professor in Sport Psychology in France (Laboratory CIAMS at Université d’Orléans and Université Paris Saclay) and the International Coordinator at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Orléans. Xavier has over 20 years of pluri-disciplinary (sport psychology, sport sciences, psychology) and multi-culturally working and life experiences across Europe (France, Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, and Spain).

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