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2nd International Rock Climbing Research Congress

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Pontresina, Switzerland, September 15 – 19, 2014.


In total, we welcomed 50 attendees from 12 different countries, presenting recent research in the fields of sports climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering including keynote lectures of L. Vigouroux, T. Fuss, P. Matros, and V. Schöffl. Besides, we got impressive insights into recent expeditions of R. Schäli and U. Hefti.


At the same time, the element of actively climbing was not lacking during these days, including the successful ascent of the Piz Palü by seven attendees.


Abstracts of the conference are available here (if not being published soon in a special issue of Sports Technology). See also the report on the congress by Laurent Vigouroux in the french climbing magazine.


The organizers would like to thank all supporters, sponsors, speakers, and attendees.


See you all again in 2016.


Urs Hefti, Andreas Schweizer, Urs Stöcker and Peter Wolf



Congress Abstracts

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Abstracts Climbing Congress Pontresina


Amca, A. Relationship between climbing specific grip techniques hold depth and maximal finger force capacity of rock climbers


Balas, J. The effect of arm position and grip during finger flexor strength measurement in sport climbers


Beekmeyer, S. Discovering climbing in artificial structures using digital design and fabrication technology


Bonetti, K. Talus fractures in climbers


Bourassa Moreau, F. Computer connected force platform performance assessment and training tool for rock climbing


Donath, L. Effects of climbing-wall inclination on trunk muscle activation during various static climbing positions


Fanchini, M. Internal responsiveness of two methods for assessing maximal strength and peak rate of force development


Fryer, S. Forearm muscle tissue re-oxygenation kinetics in male sport rock climbers


Fuss, F. Climbing equipment and friction


Giles, D. Psychophysiology in climbing


Gonzalez, G. A preliminary analysis of motivation and goal orientation in rock climbers


Kilgas, M. Static stretching does not impair sport specific measures of upper-limb force and power in rock climbing


Mally, F. Surface electromyography measurements of stabilizing ventral muscles in therapeutic climbing


Matros, P. Demands on a trainer in sport climbing


Orth, D. Hold design supports learning and transfer of climbing fluency


Panackova, M. Physiological demands of indoor wall climbing in children


Phillips, K. Body position and technique effects on displacement in the dyno maneuver in rock climbing


Rolland, L. Females climbers back


Romero, V. Anthropometric physical fitness and psychological profile of adolescent rock climbers from the South of Spain - predictors  of  performance


Schneeberger, M. Pulley ruptures in rock climbers


Schoeffl, V. Finger injuries in rock climbers


Seifert, L. Full-body movement pattern recognition - Movement phases detection in climbing


Smith, B. Human factors in Avalanche decision making among mountaineers in Scotland


Spoerri, M. Numerical climbing fall simulator


Vigouroux, L. Prehensile capabilities of rock climbers


Watts, P. Geometric entropy during rock climbing – Lead vs Top-Rope ascents


Wolf, P. Interaction forces in climbing

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