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3rd International Rock Climbing Research Congress

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Colorado, USA, August 5 – 7th, 2016.

The Congress enjoyed 49 registered participants from 14 different countries.  There were 29 research presentations, four Keynote lectures and an excellent presentation by Lynn Hill at the closing dinner.

Historically the International community of scientists who do research specific to rock climbing has been small and we feel it’s essential to have the Congress events to bring the community together.  Hopefully you have made a few contacts, generated new questions to be answered and have ideas for future research. 


An excellent way to collaborate if you are active in rock climbing research, is to join the Researchers listing under the About IRCRA tab.  To add your information, please e-mail your brief bio and a photo.  We hope to post the research papers and presentation slides (in PDF format) from this recent Congress on this IRCRA website in the near future.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the Congress once again.  The School of Health and Human Performance of Northern Michigan University provided support for Keynote speakers.  The Communications and Marketing area of NMU provided the participant registration bags, name badges, pens, posters and the Proceedings book.  Special thanks for Fixed Pin Publishing for copies of Mark and Michael Anderson’s book The Rock Climbers Training Manual.  Clif Bar supplied the sample bars during break times. Additionally, we thank Kaycee Joubert, of, who has graciously given us a very nice set of photos from the Congress. 



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We would like to thank Kaycee Joubert, of, who has graciously given us a very nice set of photos from the Congress.  Please accept our apologies if not everyone made it into the pictures.

Congress Short Papers


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